Monday, April 18, 2011

Customer Story: CML - "We love our WARDJet waterjet"

CML Alloys enjoyed their experience working with WARDJet and decided to let us know. Here is what they told us:

 “A core value of CML is to deliver customer’s expectations which to some extent are determined by ourselves. For example, if told a call will be returned in 5 minutes, the expectation is to receive the call within 5 minutes. To miss this time frame would disappoint the customer yet the expectation was set by ourselves!

Working with Wightman Stewart and WARDJet Inc. on requirements CML needed in our waterjet demanded some features not commonly found. Future growth would need an additional waterjet. Due diligence with a thorough analysis of several waterjet machines brought the list down to the final few.

Then the tough decision of who to trust and buy from raising the question, ‘did you feel you were sticking your neck out’ when selecting WARDJet? With other waterjets operated elsewhere, none of them WARDJet, pressure to choose a tried and tested solution was high.

Not at all, we made a careful decision based on financial viability, stringent mechanical, electrical, electronic and software criteria. But above all we were impressed by the full service package of Wightman Stewart / WARDJet. The ability to remotely diagnose and address most every issue other than those specifically requiring hands-on the machine was assuring. Every aspect from shipping to installation to training and service promised has been more than met.

What is amazing is we were literally cutting parts and in production the week of our installation. We were told this could well happen, and it did.

To summarize, we love our WARDJet waterjet and look forward to getting another one as soon as possible. And a key reason we love our WARDJet? The Wightman Stewart / WARDJet team met all our expectations!”

Original post on the WARDJet website: Link.

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