Monday, September 13, 2010

New Live Remote Programming Camera

Pictures 1 & 2 – Position your material anywhere on the table, in any orientation and position the camera over the material.

Picture 3 – View at the controller (or over the internet) the camera with cross-hairs for accurate positioning.

Picture 4 – Accurately position the cross-hairs on the part at the controller, or with PDA Pendant or your cell phone.


WARDJet R&D have recently installed the Live Remote Programming Camera on the floor model of the WARDJet Manufacturing Facility.

This device can be used to accurately and quickly:
  • line up the edge of a sheet to minimize scrap,
  • locate off of the center of a hole or other feature if you are cutting geometries in a pre-cut part,
  • digitize a large part like a template for a counter top when a DXF or DWG file might not be available,
  • locate off of two holes in a large sheet if you are indexing a plate that is larger than the cutting area through the machine.

Being able to do all of this either at the machine, or while sitting at your computer in your office or on your couch at home opens up a wide range of possibilities for maximizing efficiency on your machine and freeing you up to do other things.

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