Friday, May 14, 2010

Video: J-86 Pure Water Waterjet Cutting System

Visit the WARDJet Waterjet Blog to watch the video.
Requires the latest version of adobe flash player.

WARDJet now offers a fully integrated, high speed pure water cutting system with automatic loading and off-loading of rolls, buns and sheets of material.  The sheets can be single or stacked.  Single or multiple rolls can be unrolled and fed into the waterjet simultaneously.

Optical eyes identify the location of the material on the table and will automatically cut, unload and load the next part to be cut. 

All offloading can be programmed and be overridden with manual input.  Bar code readers and counters along with virtually unlimited customized program configuration by the operator make the J-Series waterjets excellent for any customer looking for flexibility.
Watch the video links here to experience the J-Series and see if this meets your requirements.

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