Thursday, September 24, 2009

Abrasive Recycling

We get a lot of questions on abrasive recycling.  Below is a list of questions and answers which, if you are looking into recycling your abrasive, you will find worthwhile reading.

Where can I learn more about abrasive recycling
Visit our WARD Pro web page to get more information about the abrasive recycling process.

Who uses this system now? 
Companies that can justify it and are typically larger users.  To find out if the WARD Pro is viable for your application, use our WARD Pro Savings Calculator.

Reclaiming ratio? 
This depends on what you start with and what abrasive you are using.  Generally you should expect 50% or more.  It is critical that the abrasive must be one that is a known quantity with known characteristics.  HPA will not recycle well.  You should ideally be using GMA, GMX or HPX abrasives. 

How do I get an idea of what sort of reclamation rate I might be able to get from my abrasive?
Send us about 5 pounds of your used abrasive.  This should be gathered from various depths and areas of you tank, since finer abrasive will tend to settle near the top.  Gathering the abrasive from various locations will give a more representative sample.  We will perform a sieve analysis of your abrasive and provide you with a report showing the breakdown of the mesh sizes.  Based on this you can decide what the next step should be.  Typically if the numbers look good, a company will send us 2000-4000 pounds of their used abrasive and we will run it through the recycling system. You would certainly be invited to come watch the WARD PRO while it works.  We will then ship your recycled abrasive back to you so that you can cut with it and see the results first-hand.

Foot print of machine? 
The machine itself is approximately 60” x 72”.  You will also need some room for the waste hopper and the hopper that holds the tank water before entering the WARD PRO. 

Distance from dry sand to hopper? 
Once the abrasive is dry and ready to use, it can be delivered up to 60 feet away from the machine. 

Cost of operation of the WARD PRO? 
Estimated at $7 per hour.  Remember you only run the machine if it has a full load of abrasive to recycle.  So you only incur the cost of the $7 when you are generating revenue through recycling.

Maintenance costs of WARD Pro? 
The $7 per hour operating cost should cover all costs of operation and maintenance excluding labor.  The actual cost of power will change the operating cost a bit.  Labor should be minimal and easily be a part of the waterjet operators duties to keep an eye on the WARD PRO from time to time to make sure it is running efficiently.

Life span of machine? 
We have machines that have been running for over 10 years in the field that are used every day.  We have a customer who has a 30’ x 13’ waterjet with 4 heads and 200 hp who operates 24 hours per day.  They have used their WARD 1 from the day they got their machine and continue to do so.

What if I am cutting a lot of wood or plastics?
In that case, a more careful evaluation of your application will be required.  Please contact us for more information

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