Friday, August 14, 2009

A Punch In The Face

Well when you travel you are never quite sure what will happen.  I fly tonight and parked my car in the usual secure parking lot.  The bus picked me up at the car and we headed for the airport.  I sat opposite a lady at close quarters.  Well a minute passed and I decided to take my car keys and put them in my laptop case where I consistently keep them when traveling so I know where to find them when I get back.

My back pack is particularly heavy today so I reached to pick it up off the floor and swing it onto my lap.  Realizing it was heavier than usual, I added extra power to my lift as I grabbed and swung the bag into place.  Of course all this is done in a professional manner in keeping with the silence in the bus …. Sort of like an elevator type thing.

Well in mid flight of the backpack, my grip on the backpack slipped and came free.   The immediate loss of the weight on my hand with the extra force and muscle power exerted resulted in my hand flying up and punching myself in the nose and lip.  And I mean a punch!  I immediately could taste the blood in my mouth and of course pretended that I felt nothing at all, again in keeping with the continued silence in the bus other than the moan as my face, nose and lip went numb.  The silence in the bus remained and everyone pretended they had not noticed I punched myself in the face. 

I sucked as much blood away as I could and then decided I had better give my lip a casual brush with my hand to see if there was any blood on the outside.  There was.

My lip then began to swell in what seemed like seconds.

I must say I felt pretty stupid. 

Anyway, I thought you would like to hear something on the lighter side of life.



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