Friday, May 29, 2009

How do you ship a 30 foot long WARDJet RX-3013 waterjet?

- Like This!!! -

Yesterday afternoon we packed up another machine and watched it leave our factory floor. This customer wanted to construct their own tank for their WARDJet RX-3013 Waterjet (which has a cutting envelope of 30' x 13'). This meant that we had more room on the truck than we usually do. While we would normally pack everything (including the tank) onto a wide load truck, this machine got packed nice and neat on a standard flat bed in just a few minutes. The rails that the gantry travels on are fully assembled at WARDJet, and will be installed quickly and easily at the customer's facility in no time at all. They will also be mapped with our FARO Laser Tracker for ultimate accuracy. This machine was very fun to build! It features four cutting heads on four separate Z-Carriages, two High-Pressure Gauges, and a helical rack and pinion drive system. It will be powered by two 100 HP pumps, delivering a full 50 HP to each cutting head. Really incredible stuff...


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