Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Use your WARDJet as a Digitizer the Size of Your Table

Today we opened up the ability to use the WARDJet waterjet as a giant digitizer.  What is unique is that we can create arcs and lines when tracing the part.  We did a live test for a customer and I drew a shape on a piece of cardboard with a black marker.  We then, within less than a minute, traced the whole shape and in less than another minute were ready to cut the part.  Quite amazing. 


Comparison of other controls with the WARDJet controller


The WARDJet controller can take this data per the attached images and literally generate the code and show the image immediately.  Some controllers can memorize a set of points and then it is necessary to reverse this into a CAD program to connect the dots and make lines or arcs.  While all this is possible with the WARDJet system, it is NOT necessary to use a CAD system at all if you take enough care when tracing the part.


All WARDJet X-Series controller and XL- controllers can now use this feature at no charge.  I gotta say, I am impressed with the WARD ROBOTIC guys who did this!


The WARDJet controller also has the ability to teach in the Z axis, so if you have a programmable Z, you can play the part in X and Y and then teach Z.  So it is now possible to teach a full 3D part without any programming software.


Rich Ward



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