Monday, April 13, 2009

Constant Bevel Cutting Without a 5-Axis Head

Constant Bevel Cutting Without a 5-Axis Head

We have an enquiry on supplying a 5 axis head for an application that requires angles to be cut into a sheet of steel about 2" thick. The angles are constant and a WARDJet AB- 5-axis or Psy-Winder will do the job great. However a closer look at this reveals that the same work could be done by simply raising the material to the angle required, running the program in plan view, and allowing the WARDJet height sensor to automatically raise and lower the cutting head so the nozzle maintains a constant height above the material. The effectiveness of this depends on the angle the bevel needs to be cut. Our height sensor can handle a Z travel of about 12". There is a great video showing this on the web. (Look for Height sensor video)

Programmable Z

Another option is to use a programmable Z to keep the height of the nozzle constant above the material being cut. Where the angle of the plate is so steep that the height sensor will not work effectively, using the programmable Z will be great


The advantage of a 5-axis head is that any angle can be programmed into the system and it automatically does all the work. Varying angles up to 90 degrees can be cut with the Psy-Winder - but it of course does cost more than using the standard machine with a height sensor. Again there is a video showing this on the web. (look for Psy-Winder 5 axis cutting head)

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