Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Calypso Retrofit With WARDJet XL Controller

When we saw that Calypso users were struggling in some areas, we purchased a Calypso machine and developed a great retrofit package. We would welcome the opportunity for you to come and run the machine on our floor or do this remotely from your location to see how you like it. This then allows the Calypso user to not only use WARDJet technical support, but also benefit from countless options that would be standard on a WARDJet waterjet system. Some of the standard features and options people seem to like is:

  • A height sensor (option)
  • Full remote access to the controller (standard)
  • PDA wireless pendent (option)
  • The phenomenal capabilities that come with the controller (standard)
  • WARDJet Job Shop Grates&trade can easily be installed in the tank eliminating the need for the plastic bricks (option)

Have a look - it is a friendly package.


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